Sunshine Institute of Hotel Management (SIHM) provide placement opportunities to their students as part of their commitment to ensuring successful career transitions. Here are some common aspects of placement opportunities in SIHM:

Placement Cell:

  • SIHM have a dedicated placement cell responsible for connecting students with potential employers.
  • Our placement cell assists students in preparing for job interviews, refining their resumes, and developing essential job-seeking skills.

Industry Connections:

  • SIHM have strong ties with reputed Hotels Groups in India & Abroad. These connections include partnerships, collaborations, and regular interactions with industry professionals.

Internship to Employment Pathways:

  • SIHM facilitate a seamless transition from internships to full-time employment. Successful completion of an internship within a hotel often serves as a pathway for students to secure permanent positions.

Campus Recruitment Drives:

  • SIHM organizes regular on-campus recruitment drives where various hospitality and hotel industry employers visit the campus to interview and hire students directly.

Career Counseling and Guidance:

  • SIHM offer career counseling services to help students identify their career goals, strengths, and areas for improvement.
  • We provide proper guidance on different career paths within the hospitality industry.

Soft Skills Development:

  • In addition to technical skills, SIHM focus on developing students’ soft skills, including communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving. These skills are essential for success in the hospitality industry.

Industry Internships:

  • SIHM collaborate with reputable hotels and hospitality establishments to offer internships to students. These internships  serve as a valuable introduction to the industry and can lead to job offers.

Industry Seminars and Guest Lectures:

  • Regular seminars, guest lectures, and workshops conducted by industry professionals provide students with insights into the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the hospitality sector.

Industrial Placements

International Placements

Sunshine Institute of Hotel Management have collaborations and partnerships with international hotel chains, resorts, and hospitality organizations. These collaborations include provisions for student internships and placements. Our Placement Cell actively work towards establishing connections with international employers and organizing placement opportunities for our students. Apart from this. SIHM offer global internship programs that allow students to gain valuable work experience in international settings. These internships facilitated through tie-ups with hotels, restaurants, and hospitality establishments around the world. We have global tie up with many reputed hospitality industry in USA, Australia, Canada, UK, London, Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Quarter, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and more.

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