Internship programs at Sunshine Institute of Hotel Management (SIHM) aim to provide students with hands-on experience in various facets of hotel management, preparing them for future careers in the industry. The modules are designed to give interns a well-rounded understanding of the operations and challenges within a hotel environment.

Our Internship Program topics are: 

Orientation and Introduction:

  • Overview of the hotel and its various departments.
  • Introduction to the organizational structure and key personnel.
  • Familiarization with the hotel’s mission, vision, and values.

Front Office Operations:

  • Training in reception and reservation procedures.
  • Guest check-in and check-out processes.
  • Handling inquiries and managing guest relations.

Housekeeping Management:

  • Understanding housekeeping procedures and standards.
  • Learning about room cleaning and maintenance.
  • Participating in inventory management for housekeeping supplies.

Food and Beverage Operations:

  • Exposure to restaurant and banquet operations.
  • Understanding food and beverage service standards.
  • Involvement in menu planning and event coordination.

Sales and Marketing:

  • Assisting in sales and marketing activities.
  • Understanding the process of attracting and retaining customers.
  • Participation in promotional events and campaigns.

Event Planning and Management:

  • Involvement in planning and executing events.
  • Coordination of meetings, conferences, and special functions.
  • Understanding the logistics of event management.

Revenue Management:

  • Exposure to revenue management strategies.
  • Understanding pricing and distribution channels.
  • Analyzing occupancy trends and making recommendations.

Customer Service and Guest Relations:

  • Training in delivering exceptional customer service.
  • Handling guest complaints and feedback.
  • Building and maintaining positive guest relations.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills:

  • Developing effective communication skills.
  • Teamwork and collaboration within the hotel environment.
  • Interacting with colleagues and guests professionally.

Leadership and Management Skills:

  • Exposure to managerial responsibilities.
  • Understanding leadership styles and qualities.
  • Observing and participating in decision-making processes.

Training and Development:

  • Participating in staff training programs.
  • Learning about employee development and performance management.
  • Understanding the importance of continuous learning in the hospitality industry.

Industry Trends and Innovations:

  • Staying updated on current trends in the hospitality industry.
  • Exploring new technologies and innovations in hotel management.
  • Understanding the impact of global trends on the hotel industry.


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