Message from Director

Managing Director - Amit Kumar Debnath

“The power is in you. You tell your story. Poverty is not in the stomach but in the mindset. Education, Technical and Vocational knowledge is a corner stone of the country’s future with quality output, transforming the lives of women, girls, men and youth. To understand the market inside-out with a clear understanding that knowledge is power and in the business world, it is the power that drives success.”

Message from Director

Dear Student,

Congratulations on your decision to enrol with Sunshine Institute of Hotel Management. You have taken an important first step toward success, and I am proud to welcome you to our student body. This site features general information about your SIHM experience, from how to contact SIHM to details on achieving your goal of a Career. You’ll find many interesting facts in this institute – This institute details everything that’s included in your first professional career lessons and how to begin your first lessons. I wish you the best of luck with your studies and look forward to awarding you a better Career!


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