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Course For The Better Future

The method of teaching focuses on the individual learner and the delicately crafted courses enable students to overcome their inherent weakness and work on their strengths in order to bring out the best in them.

Course Directives & Details

The Right Technique :

(1) Every Students of SIHM have to show 90% attendance in the campus.

(2) Every Students of SIHM has to pass to their Internal Assessment Examination.

(3) wearing uniform and following the class timings (when entering or leaving the Institute) is must. And every students has to be well groomed before coming to the Institute.

(4) Without prior permission, no students in the hostel or rent house will be able to leave the hostel or rent house . If any material is lost or damaged in the hostel or rent house , all demurrage charge will be leaved to the candidate.

(5) Once decided to stay in the hostel or rent house for the whole duration of the course, on candidate will be released in between the course duration.

(6) If any candidate wants to leave the course after taking admission or in between the course, the Management will not liable to return any amount at any cost.

(7) Every candidates has to pay the installment amount and hostel or rent house amount within the due date or the commitment which one has made to the Management. Failure to do so, Management can take any necessary action according to the situation.

(8) The Management of SIHM has all the right to send for the Industrial Training through Campus Interview. During the Industrial Training if any misbehaved or misconduct happens in the hotel and his/her Industrial Traning being canceled, the Management of SIHM will not arrange any further Traning and will not be responsible at any cost.

(9) Every Students has to attend all Placement related classes ( Including Guest faculty classes) before final placement.

(10) Any candidate who falls into the category of girl's discount (5%) and ST/SC/OBC discount (10%) both will avail only one at a time.

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